A long-term performance assessment for AMS measurements at IUAC New Delhi

Dr Pankaj Kumar1, Ms Deeksha Khandelwal1, Ms Leema Saikia1, Dr. Pavitra V. Kumar1, Mr Rajveer Sharma1, Mr. Sunil  Ojha1, Mr. Satinath Gargari1, Dr. Sundeep Chopra1

1Inter-university Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, India, , India

A 500kV ion Accelerator based Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) system was established in 2015 at Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi, India (14C Lab Code: IUACD) and is being extensively used routinely for 14C, 10Be and 26Al measurements. The AMS System is backed by three automated graphitization equipment (AGE), a carbonate handling system (CHS) in graphitization laboratory and appropriate clean laboratory for the chemical processing of samples in case of 10Be and 26Al measurements. In view of increasing demand, the facility is being more extensively used for 14C dating than other applications.

It is imperative to assess, monitor and establish the consistency of performance of AMS measurements over time since its inception. An attempt, therefore, has been made to evaluate the short- and long-term performance of 14C measurements with the AMS set-up at IUAC, New Delhi, in terms of reproducibility, accuracy, precision and calculation of random machine error (RME) in a routine laboratory environment using International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) secondary standards (C1-C9) and chemical blanks in each session. A comparison of the analytical figures of merit between short- & long-term usages of the AMS facility is presented through a rigorous statistical approach highlighting the importance of the measurements and evaluation of primary standards, secondary standards, blanks, and replicates in each of the experiments.


Dr. Pankaj Kumar is Senior Scientist in IUAC, New Delhi. His research interest is in geochronology by employing Ion Accelerator based as well as low energy mass spectrometers. He is elected member of Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS) by INSA. He has also served national Core committee member of INYAS (2017-2019). He is life member of IPA, National Academy of Science, India (NASI) and Indian Society of Particle Accelerator (ISPA). He has been awarded with S. N. Seshadri Memorial award-2020 by IPA for his key role in developing AMS facility at IUAC.

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Nov 19 2021


10:45 am - 11:30 am