An analysis of a decade of radiocarbon secondary-standard AMS with two spectrometers

Prof. Stewart Freeman1, Elaine  Dunbar1, Brian  Tripney1, Philippa Ascough1, Derek Fabel1, Pauline Gulliver1, Cameron McIntyre1, Philip Naysmith1, Nicola Russell1, Richard Shanks1, Sheng Xu1,2

1Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, , United Kingdom, 2Tianjin University, , China

Nearly 7000 individual graphite preparations of two radiocarbon international intercomparison materials have been measured on the SUERC tandem and single-stage accelerator mass spectrometers in the last ten years. The results are first and foremost used for quality control and quality assurance in routine random sample measurement, but given the power of the large dataset produced they can also be employed to elucidate subtle inter-spectrometer variance and longitudinal effects.


Physicist Stewart P.H.T. Freeman is University of Glasgow Professorial Research Fellow. He develops and applies ultrasensitive long-lived radionuclide detection technology. After gaining a doctorate from the University of Oxford he focused on life-science applications at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Stanford University in California before joining the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre in 2000. There he leads the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and has pursued positive-ion techniques as an alternative to established accelerator microanalysis. Subsequently he also joined the Board of Directors of National Electrostatics Corp..

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Nov 08 - 19 2021