Current Sample Pretreatment Protocols for AMS Radiocarbon Dating by DirectAMS (D-AMS)

Mrs Brittany Hundman1, Tye Lacey1, Alyssa M  Tate1, Jonathan Adler1, Jonathan Heile1, Dr.  Ugo Zoppi1, Dr. James C. Chatters2

1Directams, Bothell, United States, 2Applied Paleosciences, Bothell, United States

Both physical and chemical pretreatment are implemented at DirectAMS to remove exogenous carbon and/or isolate the carbon fraction of interest for radiocarbon dating by AMS. Since the primary offer of a fundamental Acid-Base-Acid pretreatment for organics, DirectAMS has incrementally implemented pretreatment protocols for materials routinely recovered from a variety of contexts. The methods described are the current pretreatment protocols for plant matter, charcoal, wood, alpha-cellulose extraction, shells and other carbonates, fractions of sediment, fraction of bone, keratinous materials, and textiles and other human-worked objects.


As Director of Archaeological Services, Brittany brings her experience in international field work, museum curations, and isotopic bone chemistry. She earned a Master of Arts in Anthropology from Georgia State University in 2016. Brittany has conducted research in multiple sub-disciplines of archaeology including Peruvian prehistoric bioarchaeology and American Southeastern historical archaeology. She is primarily hands on with sample triage, bone preparation techniques, and customer consultation on sampling strategies.

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Nov 17 2021


1:30 pm - 1:55 pm