Development of the low-energy AMS systems at China institute of atomic energy

Prof. Ming He1, Dr. Yiwen Bao1, Dr. kangning Li1, Dr. Qubo You1, Dr. qingzhang Zhao1, Wenhui Zhang1, Shengyong Su1, Pan Hu1

1China Institute Of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China

With the development of technologies, the AMS systems are developing towards the miniaturization with the low terminal voltage. Two systems with the terminal voltage of less than 300kV have been developed at China institute of atomic energy (CIAE). One of the device is a kind of single stage AMS system with a working voltage of 230kV. Based on the system, the measurement methods of C-14 and H-3 hve been developed. C-14 measurements with precision of 0.4% and a background level of 0.2pMC have been achieved. The sensitivity of H-3/H=1×10exp(-15) is obtained. Another system is a kind of tandem AMS system with the terminal voltage of 300kV. This system have high mass resolution which is used for heavy nuclides measurement. Based on this system, the measurement methods of I-129 and actinides have been developed. The results show that the transmission efficiency of the system have been improved greatly, meanwhile the sensitivity are comparable or even better than other big AMS system (terminal voltage >1MV). The transmission efficiency for I-129 measurement with the system is 60% and sensitivity of I-129/I<1×10exp(-13) have been achieved. The transmission efficiency for Acitnides measurment with the system is 25%, the detection limitation for Pu-239 is 0.1fg and the sensitivity for U-236 is U-236/U<1×10exp(-13). the measurement methods of Al-26 and Ca-41 with this AMS system are under developing.
This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundations of China (NSFC) under Grant No. 11875326 and the Continuous Basic Scientific Research Project(WDJC-2019-04).


Born in 1969, Doctor degree, Professor, the leader of AMS laboratory at CIAE. Developed the miniaturized AMS systems at CIAE, and carried out multi-fields applications with AMS systems.

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Nov 15 2021


10:00 am - 10:55 am
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