Efficient radiocarbon measurements on marine and terrestrial samples with a single stage Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo

Prof. Yusuke Yokoyama1, Dr Yosuke  Miyairi1, Dr Takahiro Aze1, Dr Chikako Sawada1, Ms Yuka Ando1, Ms Satomi Izawa1, Ms. Yoshiko Ueno1, Dr Shoko Hirabayashi1, Dr Naoto  Fukuyo1, Mr Kosuke Ota1, Mr Yusuke Shimizu1, Ms. Yuning Zeng1, Mr Ren Tsuneoka1, Ms. Kozue Ando1, Professor Toshi Nagata1

1Atmosphere And Ocean Research Institute, The University Of Tokyo, , Japan

Nine years anniversary has just past in August 2021 since the first scientific measurement with a single stage Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (National Electrostatic Corporation, YS-AMS) at the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), University of Tokyo in 2013 was conducted. Stable running conditions has been maintained and the average annual operation hours is reached 7732 hours/year for the last five years that allowed us to measure as much as 2912 samples/year (excluding numbers of standard samples). Newly developed inhouse automated vacuum line, auto-weighing system, and auto-target pressing system have increased the numbers of sample throughput dramatically and measured samples in total excluding standards have reached 14,000 to date. Precision for 14C/12C measurements on standard samples are reached better than 0.1 % due to improvement of operation software system as well as increased numbers of measurement of standards per run.
Other in house developed apparatuses including the flowcytometry based pollen purification system and in-situ produced 14C extraction system from quartz enable us to measure various range of samples from marine and terrestrial environments with the size from several microgram to milligram of carbon.


Yusuke Yokoyama have been studying the Earth surface environment including Atmosphere, Ocean, Cryosphere and Biosphere using geocemical and geophysical techniques.

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Nov 08 - 19 2021