Introduction of Interactive Remote Monitoring at SUERC

Dr Brian Tripney1, Mr Andrew Tait1

1Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC), East Kilbride, United Kingdom

SUERC has implemented remote control of routine and experimental NEC spectrometer operations.
Through secure tunnelling, a dedicated laptop for each spectrometer can execute parts of the AccelNET suite and communicate remotely with the underlying database: instrument control pages are accessible and changes to the run list can be effected in DMAN. X-forwarding facilitates the use of abc for data reduction upon the large remote dataset, allowing the operator to evaluate data quality mid-run, while screen-sharing is employed to provide flexible access options. AccelNET’s read-only html output (formerly the predominate form of remote monitoring) remains accessible for ‘casual’ progress checking by non-operators.
While there are limitations to each technology used, these changes to our setup and operating procedures have had positive effects both for operators, and upon the smooth delivery of sample data.


Associate Research Scientist in SUERC Radiocarbon Dating Lab.
Interests in the applications of carbon-14 for forensic purposes and for the identification of fake ‘old and rare’ whisky.
Routine measurement of carbon samples at SUERC AMS Laboratory (5MV and SSAMS).

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Nov 08 - 19 2021