Re-treatment of Cervus elaphus bone material in Gliwice Radiocarbon Laboratory using ultrafiltration

Dr Fatima Pawełczyk1, Professor Magdalena Niedziałkowska2, Professor Sławomira Pawełczyk1, Professor Natalia Piotrowska1, PhD Student Maciej Sykut2

1Silesian University Of Technology, Institute of Physics, Gliwice, Poland, 2Polish Academy of Sciences, Mammal Research Institute, Białowieża, Poland

Preparation of bones for radiocarbon dating is still quite a challenge for researchers. The methods are being tested and improved, to obtain better and better results and to verify the previous ones. In this work, a set of collagen samples, extracted in 2018 from Cervus elaphus bones and antlers from various sites in Europe, was subjected to re-treatment using ultrafiltration in Gliwice Radiocarbon Laboratory. The samples tested had a wide range of ages, from older than 40 000 14C years BP to modern. The material prepared in this way was subjected to the measurement of C/N atomic ratios and radiocarbon dating using the AMS technique. Also, the stable isotopes (δ13C and δ15N) values were determined. A compilation of the obtained results is presented in this work.


Fatima Pawełczyk – PhD in Earth Sciences (2019), works at the Silesian University of Technology, at the Institute of Physics at the Division of Geochronology and Environmental Isotopes. Scientific interests: radiocarbon dating and its application in earth sciences. Interested in the impact of human activity on the environment in the past and today.

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Nov 08 - 19 2021