Real-world long-term performance of the MICADAS-type AMS system at CEZA

Dr Ronny Friedrich1, Dr Susanne Lindauer1, Robin van Gyseghem1, Elena Dimitrakopoulos1, Matthias Hänisch1, Dr. Bernd Kromer1

1Curt-Engelhorn-Center Archaeometry, Mannheim, Germany

The Curt-Engelhorn-Center Archaeometry (CEZA) located in Mannheim, Germany has been operating a MICADAS-type AMS system for 12 years. The main applications are focused towards archeological science but also climate and environmental research are part of the scientific issues investigate with 14C there. Back then this system was the first commercially available MICADAS for radiocarbon-dating applications. Here we present the full record of all quality control standards displaying the stability and performance of the AMS system over the entire period of operation. We will also provide insights into the routine operation and reliability of the system.


– PhD in Environmental Physics at Heidelberg University, Germany
– Lab Director at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University USA
– since 2014 Head of Radiocarbon Lab at Curt-Engelhorn -Center Archaeometry, Germany

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Nov 08 - 19 2021