Status Report: A Decade of Traditional Radiocarbon Dating Applications by DirectAMS

Alyssa M Tate1, Jonathan Heile1, Dr. Jason Giacomo2, Dr. Ugo Zoppi1

1DirectAMS, Bothell, United States, 2University of California, Davis, Davis, United States

DirectAMS debuted as an affordable, high-throughput radiocarbon dating service at AMS-12 in 2011. A dedicated pretreatment laboratory has been in operation since 2012 in conjunction with an NEC 1.5SDH-1 Compact Pelletron Accelerator Mass Spectrometer installed in 2006. Over 60,000 14C radiocarbon dating targets have been measured over the last decade. The status of the laboratory and performance from routinely measured standards, reference, and blank materials are presented.


Alyssa Tate recently celebrated ten years with DirectAMS and currently supervises all laboratory operations and data analysis. She has graphitized thousands of samples, since entering the field of accelerator mass spectrometry in 2011. Alyssa also assisted in establishing the DirectAMS pretreatment lab.

Hailing originally from Nebraska, Alyssa received Bachelors of Science in both Psychology and Animal Science from Iowa State University and a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology from Central Washington University, providing a foundation in research design and statistical analyses. Prior to landing at DirectAMS, Alyssa conducted research with guar, callitrichid monkeys, chimpanzees, and preschool-age humans.

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Nov 19 2021


10:45 am - 10:45 am