Update on 129I, 26Al and 10Be AMS at KIST

Dr John A Eliades1

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea

This poster will update the state of measurements for 129I, 26Al and 10Be by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) on the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) 6 MV AMS system. The causes of a persistent 129I/127I ~ 10-¹⁰ background level were identified and eliminated. A 10B peak present in the 10Be spectrum that overlapped the 10Be peak and forced very careful selection of the region of interest was also eliminated. Since this improvement, measurements of 10Be/9Be on the order of 10-¹⁶ have been possible. The stability and current outputs for several cathode materials and target matrix combinations will also be compared for 129I and 26Al. Finally, a more convenient target press unit that consists of only four pieces that slide together and require no screwing was designed and has made sample pressing much faster and more convenient. Each unit can accept both of the standard High Voltage Engineering Europa (HVEE) target types, requiring no exchange of components for the different diameters.


I graduated from University of Toronto with a PhD in a joint physics and geology programme in 2021, studying at IsoTrace Laboratory. I then took a post-doctoral position with Korea Institute of Science and Technology in Korea, where I was hired as permanent research staff in 2013.

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Nov 08 - 19 2021