Registration Grant Recipients

AINSE Funded Recipients

Mr Patrick Mark Adams – University of Queensland
Mr Jacob Anderson – University of Otago
Miss Lucinda Duxbury – University of Adelaide
Mr Mohammadali Faraji – University of Newcastle
Ms Alissa Flatley – University of Melbourne
Mr Matthew Goodwin – University of Newcastle
Mr Dominic Koll – Australian National University
Dr Mardi Mcneil – Queensland University of Technology
Ms Priyadarshini Parsons O’brien – University of New South Wales
Mr Eron Raines – Victoria University of Wellington; University Of Wollongong
Dr Jamey Stutz – Antarctic Research Centre
Dr Clare Wilkinson – University of Canterbury

ANSTO Funded Recipients

Dr Angel Bautista VII – Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
Dr Ali Biganeh – Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI)
Miss Lauren Callahan – University of Notre Dame
Mr Adam Clark – University of Notre Dame
Mr Dominic Hildebrandt – Eth Zurich
Mr Matthew Jeromson – University of Canberra
Mr Michael Kern – University of Vienna
Dr Oswald Malcles – Geosciences Montpellier
Mr Oscar Marchhart – University of Vienna
Mr Austin Nelson – University of Notre Dame
Mr Rajveer Sharma – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Mr Andreas Wiederin – Universität Wien
Mr Alexander Wieser – University of Vienna
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