Applications of AMS to the world’s most pressing problems/questions:

A-1: Earth’s dynamic climate
palaeoclimate studies, human impacts on climate, data for climate modelling.

A-2: Water resource sustainability
groundwater dating, hydrology, water quality and  management

A-3: Living landscapes
soil production, carbon storage, erosion,  sediment transport, geomorphology.

A-4: Catastrophic natural events
volcanoes, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, space weather, mass extinctions.

A-5: Advancing human health
metabolic and bio-kinetic studies, bomb-pulse dating, diagnostics and bio-tracing.

A-6: Challenges of the nuclear age

nuclear safeguards, nuclear forensics, nuclear waste management, nuclear site monitoring, impacts of nuclear accidents.

A-7: Understanding the human story
archaeology, human evolution and migration, history, art and cultural heritage

A-8: Understanding the cosmos
fundamental physics, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear physics

AMS Research and Development:

T-1 : Novel AMS systems, components and techniques

T-2 : Suppression of isobars and other interferences

T-3 : Ion sourcery

T-4 : New AMS isotopes

T-5 : Advances in sample preparation

T-6 : Data quality and management

T-7 : Facility Reports (Poster Presentation only)

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